Our approach of the web is to focus on content, user experience and online presence. Our methodology and processes will allow you to stay involved at every stage of the implementation of your project. We will never sell you a cat in a bag.

We separate each project into two phases: the discovery phase and the production phase.

Production cycle

Discovery phase

We start a project by analysing its target audience along with the objectives they need to reach. This allows us to create a few prototypes and a structure for the website or the application. We also start gathering the content so that we know exactly what we’re talking about.

Technical specifications, wireframes, design, brand, online strategies, all aspects of you web project are analysed, discussed and documented with you all along the process.

To help you define your project, we organise a one day workshop to explore all aspects of the project and try to remove any blind spots. At the end of the day, we get a prefect vue of what will be your future web site or application.

Production phase

Once the guideline documents have been written, reviewed and approved, we begin the implementation. Depending on what is needed, we work with several tools of choice.

Technologies and tools we use

CMS powered websites

Craft is our CMS of choice for content-oriented websites. Craft is a modern CMS built on open source technologies. It allows us to create manageable and easy to update content heavy websites for our clients. One strong advantage is its native multilingual capabilities. It can also deal with complex data structures and relations.

We also sometimes use Jekyll as a prototyping solution, to create style guides for our projects, or as a CMS for our technical-minded clients.

Web applications

For applications or website with more complex needs, we work with the Laravel framework. Laravel allows us to create complex web applications rapidly. It allows us to build various systems: video and media management, contact databases, statistics modules or REST APIs.

Application/website bridges

We think that your application should be built around your business logic, not the other way around.

We bridge the gap between your applications and your website. We can help your audience access your content through many different channels: mobile applications, responsive websites, APIs, etc. We can also integrate various systems to make them play nice with one another.

Technologies and tools we do not use

When talking about CMS, three names usually end up on top of the list: Drupal, Prestashop and Wordpress. Having had a few bad experiences with those, we have chosen not to use them. If you are curious to know why, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to explain you why in details.