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The Major Tom Company is a Belgian company aiming to connect professional communication freelancers in a network in order to build very skilled teams.

  • Release date: Jul 2015
  • Technologies used: Craft CMS , Laravel
  • Concept: The Major Tom Company
  • Graphic Design / Development: Tcheu!
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We had to fulfill 2 missions:

  • Create a website that informed about the company and help new freelancers to register

  • Develop a tool to help the client to collect and manage all freelancers' profiles

The website has been developed with Craft CMS. It is available in 2 languages, and the client needed an easy tool to manage the pages, portfolio and other content.

On the other hand, we developed a web application for managing the “Toms” (freelancers who registered on the site). We separated the website from the application because we think that they accomplish two very different objectives and we are not fan of managing a lot of user data in a CMS.

An API has been developed in order to ease the registration process from the website and to allow the website to display the members of the network directly on the site.