European Commission

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The EU Asia Business Link (EALink) is the platform aimed at helping European businesses to set up and develop commercial relations in several Asian countries.

  • Release date: Mar 2016
  • Technologies used: Craft CMS , ES6 , Vue.js
  • Concept: European Commission
  • Concept / Project management: GOPACom
  • Development: Tcheu!
  • Links:

GOPAcom contacted us to develop a portal that will syndicate news and events across multiple Asian partners websites.

Additionally, a workflow has been put in place in order to help the content editors to manage incoming content from external contributors.

We developed custom plugins to handle complex operations such as assets downloads from remote websites, notifications, some custom fields specifically developed for the workflow and turn old entries into archives.

On the frontend side, an advanced search engine was required to let visitors filter news, events, success stories and training.

After the exploration phase, we decided to use the internal Craft API to manage the filter and search functionality, and Vuejs to handle the frontend logic. Craft core search is blazing fast, so we didn’t had to rely on an external search system such as Elasticsearch.

Thanks to the brilliant work of the GOPAcom project manager (an Agile Masta!), we kept the project on track all the time. We phased the project in sprint of 2 or 4 weeks, depending the size of the features.