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CODA is a serious game developed for the eSkills for Jobs campaign.

  • Release date: Oct 2015
  • Technologies used: ES6 , Blockly , Laravel , PhantomJS
  • European Commission: Concept
  • Concept / Project management / Graphic design: GOPACom
  • Development: Tcheu!

The game’s objective is to animate cartoon characters using a graphical programming tool (Google’s Blockly) in order to create a scene. The idea is to let students discover the basics of programming and demystify it.

We were contacted by GOPA to implement the technical parts of the game.

One of the technical challenges is that the player could download a movie with the scene they created. Since everything was drawn using HTML, CSS and SVG, we needed a backend that could record each animation frame by frame. We decided that Laravel and PhantomJS (for the recording) were a good match for this project.

On the frontend side, we did not find a framework that satisfied this project’s specific needs. We decided to create our own libraries, written in ES6 and transpiled to ES5 using Babel.

Collaboration with GOPA

CODA was our first collaboration with GOPA. Their agile methodology was a good match with us, and we had the pleasure to work with them again a few months later on EALink.