DG Environment

Green Week 2016

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The Green Week is an annual event organised by DG Environment. It is composed of several conferences and workshops happening throughout Europe. In 2016, the main theme was “Investing in a greener future”.

  • Release date: May 2016
  • Technologies used: Craft CMS , Vanilla JS
  • Concept / Project management: Pracsis
  • Quality control / Project management: Solution Oriented
  • Development: Tcheu!
  • Links:

We were contacted by Solutions Oriented in late March 2016 to work with Pracsis in order to quickly develop this year’s Green Week website.

On top of showing the Green Week’s programme and practical info, it was also important to allow GW’s partners to register their events. Since we had only a short time, we needed an already robust content solution that also allowed member subscription. We decided to use Craft.

We were able to quickly implement this system, together with a simple workflow management, which enabled the site’s editors to create a database of partner events.

Events website require a lot of flexibility, as requirements change from day to day. Craft’s flexibility proved to be a real asset to ensure the success of this website.