Clinique Saint-Jean

Route App

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The Saint John's Clinic in Brussels wanted to develop a mobile app to allow their visitors to easily find their way.

The clinic entrusted Tcheu! to make this app a reality.

The main objective of this mobile application is to bring an innovative solution in the way the clinic is working and managing the flow of patients.

As a big hospital based in the centre of Brussels, the Clinic has a lot of international patients and it was not easy to find a way to guide patients to the good building or office.

The Clinic painted a system of routes, color based, in the corridors to ease the navigation in the buildings. But it was necessary to match services and doctors with those color codes.

We developed a mobile application that do exactly that: matching services and doctors, sorted in a directory, with routes color and index.

It was our very first experience in mobile application development, so we decided to stay safe and rely on web technologies we already master to build the app.

We developed the app with the Ionic framework, a Cordova based solution that helped us a lot to produce a hybrid mobile application.