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We were contacted by our friends from JustCallUsNobody back in March 2016 to work with them on the implementation of a new website for Caritas Europa. The aim of the website was to present Caritas Europa's report on poverty in the EU.

JustCallUsNobody created stunning visuals (as well as a video) which we had to transform into HTML5 code.

  • Release date: Apr 2016
  • Technologies used: HTML5 , Vanilla JS , ES6 , Laravel
  • Design: JustCallUsNobody
  • Development: Tcheu!
  • Links:

Our mission was to implement a one page website, using parallax effects as the visitor scrolls down. On top of that, we developed two features:

  • Testimonies map: to allow the visitors to discover testimonies from people across Europe who were affected by austerity policies
  • Pledge tool: to allow the visitors to contact a series of European leader in order to ask them to address the many social issues reported by Caritas Europa

Although most of the website is made of static content, we decided to create a Laravel application in order to implement the Pledge tool. We had therefore access to Laravel Blade's flexibility to implement the website's layout.

Caritas Europa was very pleased with the final results and for us it was a great first collaboration with JustCallUsNobody. We worked closely with them on every details of the website and came up with a result we are both satisfied with.