Impressive web team

Tcheu! is a pair of Belgian web developers with more than 15 years experience developing websites and applications.

What we do

Online applications development

We bridge the gap between your content and the web. We can help your audience access your content through many different channels: mobile applications, responsive websites, APIs, etc. We can also integrate various systems to make them play nice with one another.

Web development consultancy

We understand that some clients have their in house teams. Have a deadline coming up and need some help? We will work hand in hand with your team, share our knowledge and best practices with them while helping them to implement your project.

Research and development

You have a great idea but do not know how to implement it? We can help you figuring it out. We love new technologies and the latest innovations but, more often than not, battle-tested solutions are the best ones. Let's work together to define your needs and come up with technical solutions.

About us

What does "Tcheu" mean?

Tcheu! [tʃø] is a Belgian expression meaning 'Whoa', 'Cool', 'Impressive', 'Oh my God', 'WTF', 'sexy', 'no way', 'dayum', 'crazy', 'dang', 'sweet', 'wow'. Used to express surprise. It is also a tantric ritual in Tibet, but it's another story.

How do we work?

Our approach of the web is to focus on content and user experience. Our methodologies and processes will allow you to stay involved at every stage of the implementation of your project. We will never sell you a cat in a bag.

Team members

Pierre-Vincent Ledoux @pvledoux

Internet technology specialist with an experience of 18 years in corporate, media and institutional web sites.

Pierre-Vincent has been working as a freelancer since 2009 for clients like Eyecone, Spade, Emakina, International Polar Foundation, etc. He can configure a load balancing server in the time you need to order a coffee.

Specialties: online application architecture, web application development, technology recommendations, online communication consultancy, project management, team management, infrastructure management

Quentin Delcourt @kant312

Quentin has been developing websites for more than 10 years and his passion for the web has only been growing over time.

As a full-stack web developer, he has a deep knowledge of each aspect of modern web development, with a specialisation in backend technologies.

Quentin is a polyglot programmer and works with languages such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS or SQL.

Tools of the trade

We work in a very fast-paced industry and we love trying out new tools. The following list of technologies is thus constantly evolving. Nevertheless, here are the main tools we currently use on a daily basis:

On the backend side

  • Programming language: PHP
  • Framework: Laravel
  • Content Management System: ExpressionEngine or Craft

On the frontend side

  • Programming language: JavaScript
  • Framework: AngularJS

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